- Allow Reorder of Notebook tabs at the GTK+ level.
- Implemented Bad Certificate Listener, as the main Gecko dialogs
were not functioning correctly for some reason.

-- Fixed a bug in FavIcon plugin, causing a crash after reconfiguration.
-- Fixed a bug where themes would appear twice in some cases.
-- Only fix the size of the entry bar if we are viewing pixmaps in
toolbar  - text and both may interfer with plugins - fixed. Now the
radio buttons are just menu items - Sorry.
-- Can compile with Gtk+ WebKit (Apple WebKit port) (Warning: This is very
expermintal, Gtk+ WebKit is still alpha - dont come to me with bug reports
until Gtk+ WebKit is stable, Full support is still for Gecko) - if you still
want to try it install a build of webkit then
cd src and make -f Makefile.webkit then run ./skipstone-bin-webkit

- Removed ru.po and zh_*.po since they were causing problems - new
contributors can edit these files from 0.9.8 tar ball to update them and
I will include them later.
- Moved quit clean up in crash to prior to executing another skipstone
maybe interfering with some config saving.
- Destroying main notebook was happening twice, fixed. May have been
causing weird crashes when closing a window using your window manager
rather than file->quit.
- Fixed a bug where links that request new windows shown immediately.
- Fixed a printing bug.
- Fixed a configure error where global pixmap directories were not set.

- Fullscreen mode, window->fullscreen sets full screen or F11, selecting
F11 again will unfullscreen. Can also be started at launch time:
skipstone -f www.muhri.net www.google.com
- Auto detect if there are libxpcom_core and libxpcom_compat libs as
they exist with firefox but not with xulrunner. Tested with Firefox
2.0.11 and Xulrunner 1.8.1. Now skipstone can be compiled with mozilla
1.7.x (add --with-cvs-mozilla flag) or xulrunner or firefox.

-- Compiles against FireFox 2.x.x - to compile against
mozilla 1.7.x you must use the --enable-cvs-mozilla flag at configure
time - if you switch from mozilla libs to firefox libs
you will have to recompile plugins that use mozilla
(FavIcon & Zoomer) - Default compile is against FireFox, use
--with-mozilla-libs and --with-mozilla-includes along with
--enable-cvs-mozilla to compile against mozilla 1.7.x

- Plugins were creatd in toolbar even if they were asked not to in pop up
windows, fixed.
- Fixed Window Orphan and New Window popups so that they don't display
menubars and other uwanted contents.
- Implemented ContentHandler so that we dont see Mozilla's ugly File picker
which did not work for save even! - Now we display our own file picker and
then redirect for mozilla download for those users who opt to use Mozilla's
own MIME info/downloading or direct to user's own downloader.

- Plugin compile was broken, fixed.
- Changed a plugin function (skipstone_load_url) to (skipstone_load_url_cb)
to distinguish from skipstone's internal message.
- Distribution cleanups.

- Fix Autocomplete plugin  mechanism, it was slowing down opening tabs and
- Default compile with mozilla 1.7+
- Pushing CTRL key with mouse 1 click opens link in a new window (same
as middle button clicking for people with two button mice)

- Use Gtk stock icons for menu items and buttons where appropriate.
- Remove the red while loading option and replace it with an animation mozilla
style - the file is part of the theme as well so you can replace it with any
animation you like. I included FireFix's animation as well as another
alternative, the file name is tab_loading.gif and I made
this option on by default for new users.
- Make the theme icon preview pack at the end of the menu, looks neater.
- Fix font setting for new font format / XFT users. Caused a crash before
due to change in naming.
- Fix switching language fonts, pango complained because of memory problems,
solved now.
- Please continue to use --enable-cvs-mozilla if you are using 1.7 - I guess I
will make 1.7 the default in the next version because a lot of people
are still using 1.6.

- Compiles cleanly against Mozilla 1.7 (To compile against Mozilla 1.7
use --enable-cvs-mozilla option).
- Remove SkipStonePrompter implementation, now the same is implemented
directly into Gtkmozembed - makes our code smaller and the implementation
went where it belongs.
- Tweaked size to functions
- New default theme - Ximian South credit to Jimmac.
- Config window buttons resize with the window for those with large fonts and
increased the default size a bit as well.
- SkipStone now sets an Icon for all of its windows so that its displayed
in the window manager border and window list.
- If no theme pixmap is found, look in the default directory so if the theme
does not contain a window icon, a config pixmap or a skipstone logo, default
is used.
- Fixed a bug in Bookmarks button_press_event which sometimes
caused SkipStone not to load the url using button 1.
- Fixed SkipDownload to work with the latest wget.
- Redid all the pixmap loading to use GtkImage, now all themes are png based
so please to all theme authors if you have png versions send them. I changed
the Default theme as well.
- Removed NewButton plugin, redid the NewButton to use GtkImage - same
for the Throbber plugin, no longer require Imlib2 for both. Also NewButton
can be configured to have no pixmap so really the old NewButton plugin was
redundant. There is a new option as well to follow SkipStone's theme for
the pixmap - just add new.png to each theme accordingly.
- Fixed Autocomplete plugin.
- Fixed Launcher plugin.
- Tweaked Up plugin for file:/// urls and added an up.xpm since there was not
one by default. just place it in your theme directory and voila ..
- Fixed a crash in FavIcon plugin after choosing a new theme.
- After all the above, all plugins work again :)
- Bookmarks & History window will raise them selves rather than open new ones
if they were open before.
- Fixed printing, thanks to Peter Greff for pointing it out.

- More Gtk+ 2.0 conversions, fix some plugins.
- Don't use Autocomplete plugin, its broken. Regardless, users must recompile
all plugins. Plugins certified to work in this version are SearchToolbar,
Zoomer, and FavIcon.
- No more crashes as far as I can see. Need users to test.
- Fix configure & config.mk to remove gtksuperwin linking

- Jump to 9.0.0 for this series because it depends on Gtk+ 2.0 and Mozilla 1.6
- Works only with Gtk+ 2.0 and Mozilla 1.6.

- Compiles on MacOSX/Darwin ;-)
- Patch from Daniel for checking pid > 0 in the case of a corrupt running

- Lots of patches from Daniel for various things.. 
- Martin Robinson sent a patch for find dialog where it keeps the last search
  term, I'll improve this later on.
- Agh! the typo that made the minimum font size not stick was back! fixed
  again. Thanks to Daniel for finding out.
- Add a wrapper for all gtk_moz_embed_load_url() --> 
 _skipstone_load_url() for
 skipstone internal use only and it adds a grab_focus on the embedding 
 to help Daniel out on his upcoming kiosk mode patch.
- Patch from Devik  to fix --enable-cvs-mozilla and fix
 compilation on mozilla 1.0rc3
- Patch from Daniel for fixing minor leaks when config files don't 
- Added an Up button plugin, must place an up.xpm inside your theme
  directory or it won't display a pixmap  

- Patch from Tai, to make find have the options to wrap around, search
  in frames and match entire words.
- Updated nl.po from Francois Duprez.
- Petr Balhos sent in a patch for the zoomer plugin to remmeber
  zoom history, I modified this patch to not store history for each
  site, instead now there is a context menu when right clicking on
  the plugin, it either asks to remember or unremember a setting
  for a specific url.
- Fixed the location entry not resizing when window is resized.
- Patch from Doug Kearns  to enable
  skipstone to convert relative paths to full paths so that the 
  mozilla widget can find them correctly.
- Patch from Seth Kingsley to improve argument quoting when passing
  mailto urls to mua's.
- Patch from Daniel to move embed creation in window mode a notch up so 
  the favicon plugin doesn't complain.
- Patch from Tai for SearchToolBar to encode search strings, structurize
  and add a border to the toolbar to make it look better.
- Mem leaks in FavIcon fixed.
- Another patch from Daniel, adds an option to go to last focused tab when
  closing another instead of the notebook widget jumping to the most left
  tab. I added config ui and its off by default, to turn it on go to misc 
  config node.
- locale fixes from Tai-hwa Liang 
- Patch from  Daniel Mooney  - Fixes expansion/shrinking
  of progressbar, adds two context message ids to statusbar and improves
  the overall display of statusbar messages. Also fixed memory leaks pointed
  by Daniel, thanks for his work.
- Added Bulgarian translation by  Miroslav Iordanov 
- Alt-+ is changed to Alt-= for next tab.
- Configure patch applied from Nick Blievers . 
  SkipStone distributions from now on, will contain configure, people
  checking out from CVS will have to run autoconf to generate a configure
  file. Thanks a lot to Nick and everybody for thier work on this.
- Remove pref that caused entries to have scrollbars when reached the end,
  you also have to remove it from your prefs.js ng.layout.gfx.scrollbars line.  
- Changed the printing API and made it possible to print selected ranges in
  addition to all pages or selected pages.
- Compile with debug was broken, fixed. Thanks to Muthu Kumar for finding out.

- Patch from Tai-hwa Liang , fixes some 
  internatilization issues and also adds a chinese big5 po file.
- Fix to FavIcon plugin not compiling in the 0.8.0 release.
- John Mora  first time user of skipstone
  discovered that minimum font size was reset everytime skipstone
  was restarted, kudos to him! fixed :)

- Mozilla 0.9.9 Compatibility
- Fix in config.mk
- Implemented Minimum Font Size in font section in config.
- Patch from Muthu Kumar to enable middle clicking on bookmarks from menus
  and adds folder/link pixmaps to menu bookmarks/folders.
- Patch from Peter Balhos, enabled red tabs while loading, must enable from
  the misc config section first.
- Added fr.po by Rolland Dudemaine.  

- Updated Dutch Translations from Francois Duprez.
- Chagnes to make skipstone compile on HPUX. Thanks to Geoferrey Hausheer
   for his help.
- Patch from anamaru@sekine-lab.ei.tuat.ac.jp (Takashi Kanamaru) to
  call mozilla_save_prefs() - says it helps with saving cache.
- Change skipstone script to use /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash
- I wonder why I never changed the File menu in tabbed mode to say 
  New Tab, open in current tab and open in a new tab ! done ;)
- The long awaited feature of being able to enable/disable plugins is
  implemented. checkout the plugins root node, now its selectable and has a
  checkbutton for each of the loaded plugins. Disabling/Enabling plugins
  requires a restart.
- Updated Russian translations from Aleksandr Blohin 
- ConfirmEx dialog implemented properly now, cookie prompts and signon prompts
  should work fine now.
- Oops - disable popups option was not sticking!
- Made it so that the AutoComplete plugin display the alternative
  completions when the option is set to off if the ctrl and tab were
  used instead of tab only.
- AutoComplete config item where one could disable the display of the
  alternative items and a fix to skipstone when writing a plugin config
  item that is set to '0'.
- Applied a patch from Muthu that replaces the entry in the open in new window
  dialog with a combo that has the latest urls. Default behavior of the entry
  being focused and it being blank is still retained.
- FavIcon plugin can be told to fetch favicons even if they were not included
  in the HTML source, its off by default since it will be probing each server
  for favicon.ico which can be annoying. 
- You can now assign FavIcons to sites that dont set one, also you can refresh
  a FavIcon.
- Thanks to Hiroyuki Ikezoe  for reporting a mess up
  with bookmarks. Fixed now.

- use putenv instead of setenv for sun systems.
- Added a FavIcon plugin, requires GdkPixbuf and will only work with 
  current CVS skipstone and 0.7.8 or higher releases. Introduces a new
  plugin position (PLUGIN_IN_TOOLBAR_BEFORE_ENTRY) some of you may have to
  recompile your plugins. 
- Fixed title setting for notebook window and added a check
  for null titles in adding go menu items.
- Patch from Ashie, to fix copy/paste between notebook tabs.
- Fix to the reload menu as I was not returning what gtk was expecting,  
  it was causing a reload hangup
- Lots of Improvements to the Throb plugin thanks to M.R. Muthu Kumar. Now
  Throbbers should be placed in ~/.skipstone/plugins/throbbers
- Thanks to "M.R.Muthu Kumar"  for
  noticing a bug when closing the config window with plugins that wants
  its stuff saved, that crashes skip. Fixed now.
- Fix titles so that they are not shortened in the window title of the
  notebook interface, if the notebook label itself is shortened.
- Added an option to disable annoying popups, in mozilla node check disable
  popups to activate.
- Applied a patch with changes from Petr Blahos  so that
  hitting alt-l does not open the url entry dialog if the navigation bar
  is on, rather just grabs focus on the entry, otherwise default behavior
  is kept if the navigation toolbar is off.
- Fix crash recovery some more! it was dying out too fast because of
  the recent changes.
- make cvsmozilla=1 for those of you using CVS mozilla as of 9th of dec.
  update since an API had changed. people using <= 0.96 should just do a make 
  as usual
- Applied a patch from : "M.R.Muthu Kumar" 
  That loads a pixmap for bookmark link in the bookmark toolbar and another
  one for the bookmark folder. mini_folder.xpm and mini_link.xpm. Those are
  added to the default theme ofcourse, now people are more than welcome
  to draw other ones for the rest of the themes :)
- Added an option to toggle the use of HTTP version 1.0, as i found out
  that my intenet junkbuster proxy does not like http version 1.1 - so if
  you are seeing weird behavior using jb with skipstone, check use 1.0 in
  mozilla config section.
- updated japanese translations from ashie.
- Changed the way the titles are handled since the new patch didn't play 
  well with windowed mode.
- Another Patch from ashie@home.ne.jp for internationlizing copy/paste.
- Set title on window even on notebook mode and on switch of notebook.
- Use g_get_home_dir() instead of getenv("HOME");
- Patch from ashie@home.ne.jp that enables title encoding so that japanese,
  chinese and other chars display correctly in bookmarks and titles.
- Add SkipStone's version to the user_agent string.
- Fixed a crash for confirmEx dialog temporarly until I finish the
- Applied a patch for bookmarks from ashie@home.ne.jp that fixes dropping of 
  bookmarks onto the root of another bookmark and also adds the ability to 
  autoscroll when you are dropping a bookmark further down the ctree.

- Fixed a condition where mozilla embedding components could be faulty
  and would still cause crash recovery to respawn even though we are
  trapping the respawning. Now skipstone should print the message
  about the fast respawning and just quit.
- Added skipstone-desk.png and skipstone-now.png one for your desktop
  and one to promote skipstone :) Thanks to Jenn 
  for the skipstone-now icon - I lost the email which I got the skipstone.png
  desktop icon so if the user who made it can email me again so I can give
  him appropriate credit.
- crash fix when closing a detabbed tab, thanks to Dam
   for noticing that one.
- Patch from Dam's  to shorten the spaces in the
- Ben Winslow  sent in a patch that reported exact
  progress if known, I modified it to do a progerss_all instead displaying
  the site name and also calculates estimated speed in bps. Anyone else
  is welcome to do timed calcuations if they like.
- Now SkipStone can be compiled with a debug=1 flag that will enable function
  calls to be displayed for debugging purposes, if you are having problems
  with skipstone its a good idea to recompile with make debug=1 and run 
  skipstone > debugout then send me the latest lines from debugout - helps.
- Added webbrowserpersist to include according to new mozilla include dirs
- Renamed read_config() to read_skipstone_config() and the same for
  write_config(), read_config() was causing CrossOver plugin problems. 
  Appearntly they were using the same or something went wrong with both
  Skip and the plugin so the easiest solution was to rename our functions.
  Thanks to Martin Wulffeld   for doing all the detective
  work with this, he came up with the answer and emailed me about it.
- More renaming for CrossOver stuff. I wonder why all those conflicts.
- Updated nl.po by Francois Duprez.

- A new AutoComplete plugin, install it and hit tab on the entry location
  to get a list of possible completions when typing a url.
- Mozilla 0.9.5 and CVS Mozilla compatibility.
- Added Escape as a key handler to destroy the windows in history, bookmarks
  print, open location, config, and error dialogs. Basically all the windows
  will be destroyed when hitting escape except for skipstone window which
  stop load when hitting escape.
- Patch from Petr Blahos  Adds directory locations for
  SUSE distros to skipstone startup script, fixes the previous tab menuitem
  which was calling the next function! and adds a new fixed tab size feature.
- Patch from Mike Meyer  to config.mk so that PREFIX can be
  passed and used in INCLUDE and LIB locations instead of only installtion 
  location, helps with FreeBSD port maintaince.  
- Disable all warnings for submit/enter secure/leave secure site by default
  if crypto is compiled in until I file a bug about not being prompted to
  stop this behavior by mozilla prompt service.
- avoid potential crash when appending an entry to go menu and location is
- Added a new position to plugins, PLUGIN_IN_TOOLBAR_START which causes 
  plugins to be loaded before skipstone's control buttons (back, forward, etc)
  and added two examples that use that .. a button that when clicked creates
  a new skipstone page or notebook tab and if pasted on, it'll create a page
  with the buffer loaded on. There are two versions of this plugin, a text 
  only version for people without Imlib2 and an Imlib enhanced version
  that can load a graphical image that can be set via the config (it can be
  disabled also in the imlib version to remain text only) - Set the image file
  from its config section in skipstone's config. You may want to recompile
  all your plugins and skipstone ofcourse.

- Fix to compile with 0.93 and keep backward compatibility with 0.92 calls.
- Added an option to control underlining of links in the Appearance section.
- Originally patch from Mike Meyer  for adding an option
  to disable use of web page colors, I put that in its own Appearance node
  in prepration to make the colors configurable from skipstone also, rather
  than using the default mozilla colors.
- Fixed an odd crash when setting the title sometimes.
- Patch from Mike Meyer  to fix SIGUSR1 in ipc for BSD users.
- Spec file fixed from IKEUCHI Hiroki 
- Patch from Takuro Ashie   to add support for changing 
  fonts for multiple languages instead of western only. Also adds Cursive 
  and Fantasy fonts settings.
  -Another patch from Takuro, adds _() internatilization around strings
   in skipstone-prompter and skipdownload.

- Added yet more languages to accept language settings.
- When no bookmark file exists, dont just leave it empty, add some defaults
  to it.
- Added a new mozilla option to remember passwords on signons, and another
  for default mozilla keyword search engine. Both in mozilla node in the
- Fixed an annoying gtk_notebook crash, no need to iteriate history on a NULL
  url and other misc stuff.
- Added Arabic, Hebrew and other languages to Default Charset menu in the pref
- Added an encoding menu for forcing a certain charset, preferences->encoding
  which will force a charset for the current page regardless of prefered 
- Added an option to automatically jump to newely opened tab, see misc mode
  off by default.
- Ja.po updated from Bagus Mahawan 
- Added the ability to save / load browsing sessions.
- Added an add bookmark for link item in link popup menu.
- Fixed some stuff with popup menus and plugged a leak.
- Added Ctrl-P accel for printing.
- Changed Ctrl-S accel to save instead of view source, view source is ctrl-U
- Save suggests a filename if it can - khromy .
- An option to disable using Webpage provided fonts and use the users font
  all the time has been added in the Fonts node.
- The modifer for stopping changed from Alt-s to Escape.
- Prompt work, Alert prompts with Ok buttons make the ok button grab focus,
  Password prompts with username fields make the username grab focus, hitting
  enter on the password field does the same as clicking ok so that the user
  doesn't have to click ok, just hit enter. Also all the prompt dialogs
  are positioned under the mouse.
- Patch from Tommi Komulainen  to add a global
  config.mk file and for the rest of the makefiles to include it, also plugins
  aren't installed at make time and can be told to be installed somewhere else
  by doing make -C plugins install PLUGINDIR=/usr/lib/skipstone/plugins. 

- Plugins can be installed in /usr/local/share/skipstone/plugins or 
  /usr/share/skipstone/plugins or homedir of user, priority goes to homedir
  of user.
- No more support for Mozilla < 0.9 - people using mozilla 0.91 should just
  do a make and people running CVS mozilla, do the make cvsmozilla=1 as usual.
- Ability to shorten tabs, see misc config node.
- Offline mode.
- Detabbed Windows get a menubar and bookmark toolbar now just as if they were
  independant windows which go away when retabbed.
- Bookmark leaks fixed and other fixes to bookmarks.
- A new option to allow javascript popup windows to be popped up independantly
  off of the notebook, turned off by default. Turn it on from the misc node.
- Switching from notebook mode to standard mode and vice versa is done
  on the fly now (cvs mozilla only) since GtkMozEmbed is finally stable enough
  to do so :)
- Detabbing and Retabbing done according to new embed patch in bugzilla. 
  I think it will not work any longer with mozilla < 0.91 but then any mozilla
  < 0.91 didn't do it right most of the time :)
- Lots of fixes to bookmarks and warnings fixed. New support for
  GtkMozEmbedSingle Object (Requires absolute maximum CVS mozilla for now,
  it will be in 0.91) and other small fixes and tightnings.
- SkipStone tries to set environment for http_proxy and ftp_proxy before
  launching downloader if user has no direct connection to the net, if
  environment exists, nothing is changed.
- Implemented open all bookmarks in Folders works the same in the toolbar
  (ie, middle click on the folder as if it was a link) and a menu item
  appears at the top of each folder when dropping down the bookmarks menu
  which does the same thing.
- Fixed remembering of state of bookmark toolbar in notebook mode after
  restart. Reported by Jens Luedicke .
- Ability to Print (CVS Mozilla currently) with print dialogs and the goods.
- new function for plugins to display an error dialog
- Another patch from Tommi, moved ~/.skipstonerc to ~/.skipstone/config.
- SkipStone will now look for themes in ~/.skipstone/pixmaps also
  Patch from Tommi Komulainen 
- Now skipstone will call a special function in a plugin that will
  return a GtkWidget * pointer that contains the Plugins widgets for
  config and will add it to Skip's config dialog. Then given that
  it provided a save config function, skip will pass back that pointer
  to the plugin. Examples in history side bar and throbber. Users
  of current CVS will want to recompile ALL thier plugins and might
  also want to remove ~/.skipstone/plugin_config. Also the config dialog
  now only opens one window .. if its opened, its just raised.
- Executing skipstone -x someurl now loads it in the existing skipstone
  window / tab, ommitting that makes a new window. Also many arguments
  with urls will make new windows at startup or if running.
- Config API for the plugins, example in HistroySideBar in how
  it remembers its state (hidden/shown). Functions in skipstone-plugin.h
- Compatibility for compiling CVS skipstone aginst mozilla 0.9
  make mozilla=90 please.
- HistorySideBar plugin finished, using GNodes (which are awesome!)
  All the domains are grouped by tld then by domain name respectivley.
  I think I have written enough example plugins, now I'd like to see
  some plugins from someone else ;)
- Some plugin API changes and some new functions for plugin writers to use
  look at skipstone-plugin.h for more info, also a new Zoomer plugin and
  a History SideBar example in the works (just to show programmers how to code 
  that kind of plugin, nothing serious). Users of CVS SkipStone will have to
  recompile thier plugins (cd plugins && make) should do it. If you have
  written a plugin, you'll need to remove the gint first instance from
  the create_plugin () function since its no longer needed.
- Compile flag for Mozilla 0.81 compatbility and users using CVS skipstone
  so make for regular mozilla 0.8, make mozilla=81 for 0.81 and
  make cvsmozilla=1 for building with mozilla from cvs & skipstone from cvs.
- nsIPromptService implemented in SkipStone since the native
  widgets were removed from CVS GtkMozEmbed.
- Dont load plugins in JS new window or viewsource windows.
- Patch from Zach Bean  to parse the mailto urls
  and allow us to pass options to mailers,  ala pronto %t %s %c %b
  where %t is replaced with to address, %c for cc address, %s for
  subject and %b for bcc. Look at the configuration dialog for more
  info, Thanks Zach :)
- Improved plugins and added more positions, look at skipstone-plugin.h 
  for more info. Will write another example that utilizes one of the new
  positions later.
- Prefixes, a feature that allows to load certain given urls using a set 
  prefix, ala fm:skipstone will go look for an already configured url 
  for freshmeat search and replace the fm with freshmeat url and skipstone
  in the search url. 
- A lot of history fixes!
- New option to set whether to show tabs always or only if there is more
  than one opened.
- Implemented Search capability in History dialog..
- Optimized startup in notebook mode a bit, and added Dutch translations
  from Francois .
- Very primitive plugin support, example in plugins directory, a search
  toolbar. Skipstone will look for .so's to load in ~/.skipstone/plugins
  go to plugins and type make to see an example.
- CVS Mozilla compatibility with view-source.. CVS mozilla users must make
  cvsmozilla=1 or they'll get errors.
- holding shift and hitting reload will by pass cache, right click on the
  reload button for more options (Normal reload, by pass cache, by pass proxy,
  by pass both proxy & cache).
- fix a logic flaw in destroying the last menu item after the limit of go 
  menu items.
- enable popup menu for notebook in tabbed mode - right clicking on tabs now
  will list the pages opened so when you have lotsa tabs you can just click
  and choose which page (by title) to go to and jump to it.
- use the url in the go menu if there is no title.

- Make find more verbose, if the expression was not found, show a dialog.
- Added a Go menu that keeps track of the pages you visited in current
  browsing session, the amount of items kept is configurable in the prefs:)
- Added prefs for cookies, in mozilla node - cookie behavior and warn about 
- Added SSL Proxy support/moved Proxy configuration to its own node and added
  a toggle button to turn proxy on/off in the proxy node. Direct connection 
  is by default on so when you upgrade and you are using a proxy turn it off
  I'm sure people will email me saying skipstone is not loading pages after I 
  upgraded, I'm using a proxy and I'll point them right back to this
  changelog :)
- Pressing Shift and clicking in the url entry widget in the toolbar will
  select everything, makes it easier for deleting a long url/copying it
  somewhere else.
- Patch from Jens Luedicke  to flatten close buttons on tabs
  and add more space between it & the label.
- Added polish translations from Qba .
- Added a small close button to tabs.
- 0.81 mozilla compatiblity (whats currently in cvs) so users of 0.8.1 must
  do make cvsmozilla=1 - 0.8 users dont need to.. 
- Ability to pass the MIME handling directly to Mozilla helper apps. Access 
  from Options menu (Use SkipStone MIME) when turned off then Mozilla will be
  handling the types, when On then SkipStone will do what it did before.
- Added support for java script status messages in the statusbar
- Added FTP Proxy option to config.
- Removed old find code and use the Finder interface in mozilla, much more
  robust and now searching in frames should work correctly.
- Added a copy link location to history window context menu.
- Changed "Download Image" to "Save Image" in context menus since now it does
  just that :) through Mozilla, no need to spawn skipdownload to download the 
  same image that mozilla just loaded.
- Save function is much smarter and no longer mozilla version dependant, save
  dialog includes a check button to save everything in the current document
  from framesets and images, if left unchecked then only the document source
  is saved.
- Added No proxy for option.
- Fix for quick respwaning of skipstone's crash recovery when embed goes nuts
  from Taras .
- What I think is a successful workaround for an embed bug when switching
  notebook pages in tabbed mode has landed also (it caused a crash before). 
  At least on my box.
- Another patch from Fu Tony  Adds default charset options
  with fixes by me.
- Removed config for window size from configuration box and made the window
  automatically set it according to its last size.
- People using cvs mozilla should compile skipstone with make cvsmozilla=1
  Read the INSTALL file for more info. 
- Fixed make error with pt.po
- Spanish Translation contributed by The_Vox 
- Patch from Fu Tony  fixes cache if enabled after being 
  disabled in the same session and adds auto detect languages for chinese, 
  japense and others.
- Pasting in the body of the browser loads a url from the clipboard.
- Added different types of context menus, lots of credits to galeon &
  nautilus for code from thier c++ code (i hate c++!). (Still to figure, 
  how to save image  directly from mozilla instead of redownloading, if 
  anyone knows, let me know.)
- Removed obsolete M17 code, no longer require to set milestone variable in 
- Fixed progressbar sometimes reporting progress even after load is finished.
- Fixed sizeto calls from new_window to resize correctly, also hides
  unnecessary widgets according to mozembed flags.
- Code cleanups.


- Ability to detab (alt-d).
- Portuegese Translation from Daniel 
- alt and + for next page and alt and - for prev page in tabbed mode
- Skipdownload UI does not block anymore, Thanks to Bill .
- Check for MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME and dont try to start unless its there to avoid
  mozilla components crashing.
- Ability to save (file->save)
- Patch from Aaron Lehman to make skipdownload accept filenames or dirs.
- Bug fixes.
- Prefs to enable disk and memory cache.
- Cookies, PSM and colored links work. Read INSTALL on how to get those
turned on.

- Fix for opening new windows from links that require that, and size of 
  windows being opened.
- Fix for destroy browser from java script in tabbed mode and made requests
  to open new windows to be tabs ...
- Tabbed browsing (Notebook mode) - Preferences->Switch to type
- Gettext patch from Hidai Ken-ichi   fixed by
  the mack daddy Bill Wilson  
  run make_enable nls=1 and cd locale then make install enable_nls=1 to build
  an internationalized Skipstone, read README in locale dir for info on how
  to make translations and send them to us :-) at skipstone@muhri.net
- Skipdownload reports download size and type of file being downloaded
- convert_bookmarks.pl script imports netscape bookmarks correctly.
- more types to be redirected to downloader and made those case insensitive,
  ala .tar.gz is the same as .TAR.GZ, should have had that done to begin with!
- Middle clikcing on a bookmark link in the toolbar opens it in a new window.
- Bookmark seperators
- History window gets a context menu
- Skipdownload also reports bps (Thanks to Bill 
- bug fix when switching themes, the entry looses connectivity.


- handle destroy browser from java script
- fix for keys with M18 API so that scrolling and short cuts work better
  when focused in mozilla's widget.
- New bookmark editor using CTree - drag and drop to arrange and folders in
  bookmarks or bookmark toolbar. Need to run 'convert_bookmarks.pl skipstone'
  to convert the bookmarks from the old version. Or run 
  'convert_bookmarks.pl netscape' to import your Netscape bookmarks.
- History dialog
- Windowlist menu
- Crash recovery (patch from Taras Glek )
- Fixed launching of mailers that need to be executed in a term, for e.g,
  Eterm -e pine
- Apply button in config window
- Installed binary is stripped.
- No longer including pixmaps in compiled binary
- Theme support - place themes in /usr/local/share/skipstone/pixmaps or /usr/share/skipstone/pixmaps
- Find Feature (patch from AAron Lehmann )
- Navigation bar button hiding/showing does not require a restart anymore.
- clear history and clear popup items buttons, various accels and fix for
  skipstone startup script

- Hiding of navigation toolbar, navigation menu, definable buttons for navigation toolbar  
- Ability to choose the directory to download to in skipdownload
- SkipDownload queues downloads if its running rather than spawning anohter
  processes. Also, re-written in C.
- View Source
- Lots of Mozilla prefs, proxy, fonts, java, etc..
- Config dialog uses Ctree now.
- M18 options if you are running M18 - can be enabled by replacing M17 with
  M18 in the Makefile. Those include scrolling and better popupmenus.
- Bugfix for an entry bug where the url wouldn't show until a second later
  and a wrong url is displayed breifly.
- New Logo on webpage and in SkipStone about box, courtesy of Mike Osborne
- Bookmarks and Bookmark editor and Bookmark toolbar (hidable)
- A small fix for popup menus.
- New Reload icon courtesy of paul@redhotants.com (the whole set is his but
  this is a new one ) Thanks Paul.
- menu bar is in a handlebox now.
- re-wrote config dialog to use notebook style widget.
- maximum number of urls that is stored in the popup can be configured now.
- net status is reported to the statusbar
- If skipstone is running, open a new window with the url if provided, dont
  start another process.
- Combo box instead of the entry where it keeps the history of visited sites,
  History file is ~/.skipstone/urls.
- Prefs and pref dialog. RC file is ~/.skipstonerc
- Middle click opens a new window. (TEMP hack until we use the new
  gtkmozembed functions)
- context sensitive menus for open in window and open in new window and 
  download link. (Also a temp function) 
- Mailto urls are handled by prefered mailer (default pronto).
- .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 currently handled by your prefered download manager
  (default wget).
- support for js new window.
- Skipdownload a Gtk::Perl downloader which is a frontend to wget (falls
  back to regular wget if no Gtk::Perl is found).
- some misc fixes.  

- Initial Release
- Basic Browsing with back - forward - stop and new window capibilties.