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What is Pronto?

Pronto! is a highly modularized GTK Mail Client written in Perl. Pronto! is Free Software released under the GPL License.

Pronto! Features:

Here are some of Pronto!'s features:

  • Full MBOX support, Pronto! can import your existing mbox folders and export to mbox.
  • QMaildir support
  • HTML Mail (read only)
  • GtkHTML widget support, still supporting XmHTML by default.
  • Built-in helpbrowser, as well as mini-browser if using GtkHTML.
  • A smart addressbook that auto completes addresses for you if you type them partially in the To: field.
  • Very configurable, tons of options and preferences to choose from.
  • Message colorization based on quote symbols and their levels.
  • Accepts command line args for integration with Netscape through Muttzilla.
  • Spelling and Autospelling support. Compatible with Ispell and Aspell.
  • Can make use of threads if your version of Perl is compiled with thread support.
  • Multipart (MIME) support including inbound and outbound attachements.
  • Hyperlinks that WORK! All mail is turned into a pseudo-html message, with active hyperlinks. http:// ftp:// and mailto: are supported. http and ftp load Netscape, mailto opens a new msg window in Pronto! POP3 compatibility.
  • Uses the Perl DBI interface now, for database flexibility. You can now use any Perl DBI compliant database with Pronto!. Not just Postgres.
  • Non-blocking mail transfers. Continue using Pronto! while your mail transfers in the background.
  • Multiple POP3 Account support.
  • Filters, including a new message scoring system, useful for maillists.
  • Header viewpane
  • Sig support. Each account can have a different sig.
  • New messages counter
  • New messages are configured to your preferences
  • Auto-set reply address based on account used to DL message.
  • Send/Receive/Reply/Forward.
  • Schedulable message transfers.
  • Outbox for storing unsent outbound messages.
  • Context Sensitive menus (Right Click)
  • Sent Items Folder, Drafts folder.
  • Message list sortable by From: Subj: and Date: fields (Just click the column header to sort by that column, click again to reverse the direction)
  • Multiple message selection.
  • Multiple folders.

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